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How can I pass a FileCollection's elements to Exec?

I have this task which takes input from another task and calls a Perl script to produce three output files.

task acct(type: Exec) {
    inputs.files getAcct
    outputs.files "file1", "file2", "file3"
    executable "perl" 
    args "makeAcct.pl", inputs.files.singleFile, "file1", "file2", "file3"

This works but I don't want to duplicate the file names in outputs.files and args.

I've tried passing these in args

  • outputs.files.getFiles().toArray() but that gets an Object[] and passes [Ljava.lang.Object;@340bccc9

  • outputs.files.asType(Object[]) gets a File[] and passes [Ljava.io.File;@6280a9b8

  • outputs.files.getFiles() gets a Collection and passes [file1, file2, file3]

  • outputs.files.getAsPath() gets a single String and passes file1:file2:file3

  • outputs.files.getAsPath().replaceAll(File.pathSeparator, " ") gets file1 file2 file3 but this is still passed as one argument, not as three arguments

  • outputs.files.singleFile throws because there are more than one file (it works for the inputs because there is only one input file)

  • outputs.files.getFiles().toArray()[0], outputs.files.getFiles().toArray()[1], outputs.files.getFiles().toArray()[2] works but is even more ugly than just putting in the file names

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Note that:

  • FileCollection is-a java.util.Collection.
  • There is an Exec#args overload that takes an Iterable (see Exec in the Gradle Build Language Reference).
  • By convention, configuration methods that accept multiple arguments are additive.

This gives:

task acct(type: Exec) {
    inputs.files getAcct
    outputs.files "file1", "file2", "file3"
    executable "perl" 
    args "makeAcct.pl"
    args inputs.files
    args outputs.files

Alternatively, spreading the collections (args "makeAcct.pl", *(inputs.files), *(outputs.files)) should work as well.

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Using multiple args works. *outputs.files gets a syntax error, and outputs*.files passes "[task ':acct' output files]" to the Perl script. –  Robert May 29 at 16:09
Probably needs to be *(outputs.files). outputs*.files is the wrong tool for the job. –  Peter Niederwieser May 29 at 21:58

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