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I am developing silverlight application. I want create the out of browser application .

This is My OutOfBrowserSettings.xml

<OutOfBrowserSettings ShortName="CollegeManagement Application" EnableGPUAcceleration="False" ShowInstallMenuItem="True">
  <OutOfBrowserSettings.Blurb>CollegeManagement Application on your desktop; at home, at work or on the go.</OutOfBrowserSettings.Blurb>
    <WindowSettings Title="CollegeManagement Application" Height="300" Width="500" />
  <OutOfBrowserSettings.Icons />

It Installed correctly. But When I open the outofBrowser application, It Shows Blank White Page,It doesn't Show start page

please help me,

Thank you.

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I can't see anything wrong with the settings you have posted. The first diagnostic I would do is create a "Hello, World!" Silverlight app with these OOB settings. Check that it runs in browser then install it as OOB. Run the OOB, does it work? I suspect the answer is yes.

The next place to look is the App.xaml.cs, what is happening on application start that may not be working as expected in OOB?

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Finally I figured out the problem, I have been added the SizeChangedEventHandler on Startup page for dynamically resizing the page.

Once I have removed SizeChangedEventHandler it is all working fine.

thank you.

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