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I am using Rstudio and not sure how options "run" and "source" are different.

I tried googling these terms but 'source' is a very common word and wasn't able to get good search results :(

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Run and source have subtly different meanings. According to the RStudio documentation,

The difference between running lines from a selection and invoking Source is that when running a selection all lines are inserted directly into the console whereas for Source the file is saved to a temporary location and then sourced into the console from there (thereby creating less clutter in the console).

Something to be aware of, is that sourcing functions in files makes them available for scripts to use. What does this mean? Imagine you are trying to troubleshoot a function that is called from a script. You need to source the file containing the function, to make the changes available in the function be used when that line in the script is then run.

A further aspect of this is that you can source functions from your scripts. I use this code to automatically source all of the functions in a directory, which makes it easy to run a long script with a single run:

# source our functions
code.dir <- "c:\temp"
code.files = dir(code.dir, pattern = "[.r]")
for (file in code.files){
  source(file = file.path(code.dir,file))
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Alternatively you could create a package out of your functions. – Dason Jun 25 '14 at 21:05
True. I often do this for data analysis where file formats and processing changes from project to project. I also wanted to demonstrate how the OP could use source in a real-world application. – Andy Clifton Jun 25 '14 at 21:18
That code is essentially equivalent to the code given in the example for source. You could just use that: example(source); sourceDir("c:\\temp") – Dason Jun 25 '14 at 21:20

Sometimes, for reasons I don't understand, you will get different behavior depending on whether you select all the lines of code and press the run the button or go to code menu and chose 'source.' For example, in one specific case, writing a gplot to a png file worked when I selected all my lines of code but the write failed to when I went to the code menu and chose 'source.' However, if I choose 'Source with Echo,' I'm able to print to a png file again.

I'm simply reporting a difference here that I've seen between the selecting and running all your lines and code and going to code menu and choosing 'source,' at least in the case when trying to print a gplot to a png file.

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The "run" button simply executes the selected line or lines. The "source" button will execute the entire active document. But why not just try them and see the difference?

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i tried them earlier, but was not able to understand clearly... – user2543622 Jun 3 '14 at 13:38

When using RSTudio u can press the run button in the script section - it will run the selected line. Next to it you have the re - run button, to run the line again. and the source button next to it will run entire chuncks of code.

I found a video about this topic:

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