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So, we're using SVN (VisualSVN Server 1.8.8) and Atlassian JIRA (v4.4) and have the two integrated, such that a SVN commit with a JIRA issue number mentioned in the comments will appear in the JIRA issue.

We are considering enabling the retrospective editing of the commit comment log in SVN (so we can fix things up after the fact when we accidentally commit against the wrong issue) and were wondering whether our retrospective edits will be automagically reflected in JIRA? Couldn't find anything on a quick skim read of the online docs.



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it may depend on what tool / plugin is used to integrate, without knowing this it's impossible to answer. As an example, Fisheye per my recollection, didn't automatically reflect these edits, we requested JIRA admins to reload our SVN repository for changes to make effect into JIRA –  gnat May 29 at 7:13

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