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I guess the same logic is applied in both of them, i.e replacing the matched strings with the corresponding non-terminal elements as provided in the production rules.

Why do they categorize LL as top down and LR as bottom-up?

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Bottom up parsing:

Bottom-up parsing (also known as shift-reduce parsing) is a strategy for analyzing unknown data relationships that attempts to identify the most fundamental units first, and then to infer higher-order structures from them. It attempts to build trees upward toward the start symbol.

Top-down parsing:

Top-down parsing is a strategy of analyzing unknown data relationships by hypothesizing general parse tree structures and then considering whether the known fundamental structures are compatible with the hypothesis.

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can u illustrate it with a small example of a string and few production rules? –  Ashish Yadav Mar 6 '10 at 12:33
@ashish: read the links (wikipedia) first - they contain examples too, and valuable links to other resources. These issues are too complex to be efficiently demonstrated with a single small example –  Eli Bendersky Mar 6 '10 at 12:35

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