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I'm trying to bind a list in xaml as an itemsource. The catch is, the list is kept in a resource file within another project's properties (in the same solution). I've been trying to create a namespace but it continues to tell me that myproject.Properties.Resources does not exist when it clearly does.

Short example to help explain the rough idea: Project1.xaml

<Grid ItemsSource={Binding (binding goes here)} />


public static namespace.listobject MyList;

Hopefully it's relatively straightforward and someone can give me an answer soon. Thanks in advance!

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Did you search this up? Does this question works for you ? –  Noctis May 29 at 3:42
I had a search around. I didn't see that before but that still doesn't work. –  dragnflier May 29 at 4:05
do you get the same error ? (and out of curiosity, did you try rebuilding your solution?) –  Noctis May 29 at 4:20
Yeah, the same error. I have cleaned and rebuilt the solution several times. It's the properties of the project; they always exist. –  dragnflier May 29 at 4:33
I can get it to the project but it doesn't want to find the properties within the project. –  dragnflier May 29 at 4:39

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