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I am trying to sort ngOptions with track by

This is my template

<select ng-model="asd" ng-options="user.id as user.name for user in users track by user.id | orderBy: 'name'">

This is my controller

function AppCtrl($scope) {
  $scope.users = [
   {id : 25, name: 'Batista'},
   {id : 26, name: 'Ultimate Warrior'},
   {id : 27, name: 'Andre the giant'}
  $scope.name = 'asdasd';
  $scope.asd = 25;

I wrote a snippet in JSBin to demonstrate this. The problem with this is the sorting does not work. Should I write a custom filter?

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In order to use tracking with filters, the track by expression needs to be added after the filter.

Try this instead:

user.id as user.name for user in users | orderBy: 'name' track by user.id

The documentation for ngRepeat mentions this under the "Arguments" section, specifically:

Filters should be applied to the expression, before specifying a tracking expression.


For example: item in items | filter:searchText track by item.id is a pattern that might be used to apply a filter to items in conjunction with a tracking expression.

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Wow that works like a charm, Thanks! –  tastebuds May 29 '14 at 4:34
THANK YOU!!!! I have wasted some hours before finding this! –  Laura Liparulo Sep 22 '14 at 12:02
Thank you so much for pointing this one out! One question, how about when you want to use an order by function instead of a property? –  Airn5475 Oct 7 '14 at 15:16

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