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I'm looking for a way to print out all my graphs (from matplotlib but already saved as png files) and some data frames in HTML, just like what I usually do with R2HTML.

However I couldn't find detailed descriptions about Python module or functions doing this. Could anyone give me some suggestions?

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So if I uunderstand you want a way to basically log all of your python code that you typed and put it on a webpage?

This might interest you:


According to its FAQ:

IPython Notebook Viewer is a free webservice that allows you to share static html versions of hosted notebook files. If a notebook is publicly available, by giving its url to the Viewer, you should be able to view it.

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I want to attach those plots in the HTML so I'd say it is a report, rather than a log of my codes. And I want to generate this report in a form of stand alone internal webpage which everyone can see it. Most of my viewers have no Python/IPython installed.. –  Twinkle May 29 at 5:52
When I say "log" it's really a lot nicer than that, you can write text, go back and edit previous commands, it allows you to display plots, images, latex, videos and more! I don't believe others need iPython to view it. Also, this is another answer regarding a similar situation, it might help: stackoverflow.com/questions/12502187/… –  Pound May 29 at 5:56

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