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OK So I have this strange problem with Telerik GridView component in asp.net 4. This problem occurred last week after 2 and a half years that ticketing system I designed for a company was working fine. The problem is every ticket clients add to system inserts into MSSQL database they can edit it or delete it and i used RadGridView to create some reports for them. now recently they deleted a ticket from system and I checked it out. It was deleted from database But it keeps showing up in the reports using RadGridView and since I used data binding for the GridView it has no code in behind. I disabled caching for this control and I tried recycling IIS application pool or restarting server but it still shows up and I have no idea what caused the problem. so any one had same experience or have any idea ?

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The record is still in the db. I do not see any other possible reason. –  FeliceM Jun 2 at 4:40

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