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Trying to install MFlow on linux mint. sudo cabal install MFlow gives me this:

Loading package primitive- ... : can't load .so/.DLL for: libHSprimitive- (libHSprimitive- cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory) Failed to install vector-

cabal tells me that I do have primitive- installed. Any hope of getting this to happen?

Thanks much for any help!

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What are the versions of everything you are using? Does your .cabal file contain shared: False? –  user2407038 May 29 at 9:30
Why are you using "sudo"? Cabal, by default will put files in your home directory. It is possible that this is related to your problem, perhaps permissions or locations are getting confused by running as root part of the time. Can you find libHSprimitive- in "~/.cabal/lib/......" anywhere? –  jamshidh May 29 at 14:21
@user2407038 >> Why are you using "sudo"? << Because when I did cabal install cabal-install, it failed, but when I did sudo cabal install cabal-install, it succeeded. I have tried the cabal install MFlow both with and without the sudo, same result. I've got ./primitive- and ./primitive-, but no matching .so. Looks like shared: False is commented out in ~/.cabal/config; I see -- shared: False. I installed ghc 7.8.2 yesterday, updated everything I could with apt-get update/upgrade and cabal yesterday too –  Lucas Membrane May 29 at 14:46

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I ran into the exact same issue. So here's some elaboration on the problem.

The comment by user2407038 provided the answer. By default, shared is set to False so shared libraries are not built. This means any libraries that expect to link to the shared library libHSprimitive-*.so would fail to build.

The solution was to reinstall primitive with shared set to True. You can do this by modifying the configuration file or by passing an argument:

cabal install --reinstall --enable-shared primitive
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