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This is a very strange question. There are times when my system would hang and I would ask the administrator to run jstack for me. Whenever he/she runs jstack against the process, the processes is not blocking anymore.

What does jstack actually do ? Is there any behavior in jstack that causes it to remove the hung threads.

Is it possible that jstack was the one causing my system to normalize ?

Thanks in advance..

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What JVM implementantion are you using?, can you try look at the threads using jvisualvm? , please let us know your observations. From my experience Jstack does nothing but take a thread dump, it does not remove deadlocks or performs any other kind of corrective action. One more thing, how you know the systme is hung and not just waiting in some object wait condition?, usually when JVMs hang it is kind of hard to get a thread dump since the JVM is unresponsive. Please try and monitor your app using jvisualvm, pay attention to Thread states and garbage collection. –  bubooal May 31 at 6:19

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