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I have following data structure :

  1. "TestUserData" entity (in core data model version_1 which is already shipped)
    • userName
    • age
    • gender

Now I need to make some changes in core data, So I increased model version to 2 and I created a new entity "RegisteredUser" with following details :

  1. "RegisteredUser" entity (in core data model version_2)
    • firstName
    • lastName
    • userCode

Now I need to migrate core data model version_1 to version_2 and also need to copy data of "TestUserData" entity to "RegisteredUser" entity.

Right now I am using "1To2MappingModel.xcmappingmodel" file(generated by xcode) to migrate, which just does the migration.

But how do I copy data from one entity to another entity plus splitting userName in firstName and lastName.

Any pointers on how to do that would be greatly appreciated.

Note : It can be done by manually copying data after the migration is done, but I think there would be some way of doing the same while migration.

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There is a nice article on objc.io that contains an example.

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