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I am trying to install MySQL-python or MySQLdb on Cygwin with a Windows MySQL server. While installing it errs out with either of the 2 errors below.

I tied the MySQL version of the python connector but am not too happy with the functions it provides and many are buggy.

Is there a way to work around the below 2 issues. I dont want to install MySQLDB on cygwin. I only want the connector to use in the code.

$ pip install MySQL-python
Downloading/unpacking MySQL-python
EnvironmentError: mysql_config not found

pip install MySQLdb
Downloading/unpacking MySQLdb
Could not find any downloads that satisfy the requirement MySQLdb

Thanks for the help.

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Not sure what os you are using but ive found some windows mysqldb libs if that's what you want they have versions for python 2.5-2.7


Hope this helps

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I got it fixed after installing "libmysqlclient-devel"

apt-cyg install libmysqlclient-devel

Still MySQLdb does not work with sock file error. Opened another thred for that problem

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