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is there any one who uses jPlayer or used before..?

I just want to get the current time and current song in jquery cookie/variable, so that when i change the page, i can resume that song with that time not from Beginning. Although, i read jPlayer DOCS and found that :

var currentTime = $('#jquery_jplayer_1').data("jPlayer").status.currentTime; 
// for current time

can be used so i tried like this ::

var currentTime = $('#jquery_jplayer_1').data("jPlayer").status.currentTime;
        //no data
        alert(currentTime); // nothing alerts :(

also tried ::

var currentTime = $('#jquery_jplayer_N').data("jPlayer").status.currentTime;
    but not working :(

So where is the problem ? what should i use instead of #jquery_jplayer_1..? please look at this Here is my complete code :: http://pastebin.com/NrxdXrws

I'll really appreciate any help, Thanks in advance.. Regards

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see this answer. this may help you stackoverflow.com/questions/6377441/… –  Saikat Guha May 30 at 14:23

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