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I've got a script that locks the users screen when the scroll past a certain point (1500).

<script type="text/javascript">
    $(document).scroll(function () {

        if ($(document).scrollTop() >= 1500) { 

This works. The users have to solve a question before they can continue. When they click the pink button (http://stilld.nl/brrreuk/) they will get a pop up that they answered the question correct or wrong. When they answer it correct the lock script should be deactivated.

So I used $.scrollLock(false); when the answer is correct. This doesn't work. I can see it tries to scroll, but it gets locked again. So what I think the problem is the code above says: when the user is on 1500 or beyond (1501, 1502, etc..) the script starts to work.

How do I change this code so it will only work on 1500 and not on any other value? I tried changing >= to == but this doesn't work.

Hope you can help me.

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You should look at this:


Then you can re-write your code in this way:

$(document).scroll(function () {
    if ($(document).scrollTop() >= 1500) { 

            'triggerElement' : $('element_to_trigger_scrolling'),
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