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I'm trying to write something similar to this (sorry if the sample is not 100% correct, im just writing off the top of me head):

interface Handler
   void doSomething ( );

    void othermethod ( Handler handler )
        // Handler do something

So in ObjectiveC I made the following:

@protocol Handler
- (void) doSomething;

// Other class
- (void) othermethod: (Handler*) handler
   // Do something

But I get the following error on the othermethod declaration line: Expected ')' before hander.

I know there is no syntax error here (I can replace Handler* with NSObject* and the error goes away), so obviously my use of a protocol in this case is incorrect.

Could anyone point me to the proper way of creating a C# like interface?

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You want to use a type like this:

id <Handler> obj

This means "any object (type id) that implements the Handler protocol". The protocol goes in between the greater than/less than signs. You can also use a declaration like NSObject <Handler> *obj, which means "any object of type NSObject or a subclass that implements the Handler protocol".

You can also declare an object that implements several protocols like so:

id <Handler, OtherHandler> obj
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Thanks, thats exactly what I needed. –  Hankinsoft Mar 6 '10 at 15:59

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