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I know that, in some Programming language, if you do something like:

'This is on first line \n This is on second line'

Then it will display properly like this:

This is on first line
This is on second line

When I concatenate a string in a SQLite database

SELECT *, [FIELD1] || '\n'  || [FIELD2] from TABLE

(where [FIELD1] = This is on first line [FIELD2] = This is on second line)

it displays as such:

This is on first line \n This is on second line

Is there a reason that it isn't displaying the \n characters properly?

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Did you try double quotes instead of single ones, like "\n"? – Paul Götze May 29 '14 at 10:30

SQL has no backslash escapes.

You can generate a newline in a string by writing it directly in the query:

SELECT [Field1] || '
' || [Field2] FROM MyTable

or use a blob literal:

SELECT [Field1] || x'0a' || [Field2] FROM MyTable

or use the char function:

SELECT [Field1] || char(10) || [Field2] FROM MyTable
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This is the third time I'm reading this post to solve my problem :)))) – ray pixar Nov 23 '15 at 10:31

Try char(13) (if you want to see it in Windows notepad).

select col || char(13) from mytable
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