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I have managed to set up Cassandra + Thrift and the Python wrapper for Thrift LazyBoy, and I have followed an example mentioned in the LazyBoy Wiki.After testing that example I'm getting an error with an exception.

cassandra.ttypes.InvalidRequestException: InvalidRequestException(why='Keyspace
UserData does not exist in this schema.')

here's the exception.I'm expecting some helping hand.


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Make sure that the keyspace 'UserData' exists in your configuration file (conf/storage-conf.xml)


    <Keyspace Name="UserData">
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That doesn't make any sense, do this configuration need to be done every time when a new keyspace is created. – Switch Mar 6 '10 at 17:40
I'm not a big fan of the comparison but you could compare a keyspace to a database name. – Schildmeijer Mar 7 '10 at 13:19
Note to reader, I'm looking to answer this question, although the answer here may be a bit dated. Prior to the 0.7 release, Cassandra storage configuration is described by the conf/storage-conf.xml file. As of 0.7, it is described by the conf/cassandra.yaml file. (see top of this page: – JnBrymn Mar 26 '11 at 23:18

For those just starting out with Cassandra/Pycassa then maybe you've been working through this tutorial and you get stuck on the line

col_fam = pycassa.ColumnFamily(pool, 'Standard1')

with an error that looks like

pycassa.cassandra.ttypes.InvalidRequestException: InvalidRequestException(why='Keyspace Keyspace1 does not exist')

To resolve this, start Cassandra

bin/cassandra -f 

And then in another terminal window load the sample schema using

bin/cassandra-cli -host localhost --file conf/schema-sample.txt

Then you should make it past that line in the tutorial.

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