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This may not be a feature of WooCommerce but am hoping there's a work around :-)

Is it possible to have a product price that updates based on the users selected country? It doens't have to change currency, just the product price:

enter image description here

So not the shipping price, which would always remain the same, but rather the actual product price dynamically updated when the user selects their country from the drop down

I managed to find a plugin that gets close but no cigar, namely it only updates prices based on the users browser settings https://wordpress.org/plugins/woocomerce-price-by-country/

Equally, the native Flat Rate Shipping doesn't seem to offer this functionality.

Many thanks

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Woocommerce price by country has a country select add on, in the FAQ

"You can add a country selector somewhere template Yes, adding "do_action('get_pbc_country_dropdown')"; . "

Also, multi language woo commerce has a feature that i think would work for you, it has multiple currency support as well as the ability to change prices for different territories that you configure, and a shortcode for a dropdown currency changer


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