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I have an element with the style min-height: calc(50% + 10px). How can I get this calculation (i.e. "calc(50% + 10px)", not the current pixel value) with JavaScript? This does what I need in Chrome, but Firefox just gives me the result of the calculation:


Fiddle: http://jsfiddle.net/P37FQ/1/

The reason why I need the exact "calc" string is that I have to temporarily remove the original min-height setting in a script, then restore it later.

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An alternative solution is to instead of saving the CSS value, you can simply set the style to an empty string:

myEle.style.minHeight = '';

This will remove the style applied with JavaScript and therefore use the next value, which is the style from the stylesheet.

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See, this is why I always include the reason for asking a question. This completely solves my problem, making the actual question redundant :) –  Zilk May 29 at 11:24

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