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was wondering if it was possible to use my physical keyboard to type, and have the android emulator simulate it as if it were a touch (specifically- the button highlights, and letter overlay)


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No, I don't think that that will be possible.

Why do you need this? Remember that you shouldn't base your application on that a specific input method exist if you don't want to maintain your applications for all different phones in the world. :)

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Thanks for the response! I needed the visual feedback on the emulator for a non-programming related project for which i need video of the UI performing different tasks. Therefor typing with the mouse was a little too slow. I ended up writing a small osx application that you can feed a string and it will click the letters on the screen at realtime "thumb" speed. Thank you! Great community here, i'll surely be back –  SRandazzo Mar 8 '10 at 13:50

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