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I am planning to submit a PhoneGap application on GitHub yet, I am having a hard time getting a standard/universal .gitignore contents.

Here's my tentative .gitignore file:


# PhoneGap files and directories

All I know the www/ is the one needed in order for the PhoneGap application to be built on various platforms. I wasn't planning to build or alter codes on the native language(s). So is the right or standard .gitignore contents for Phonegap?

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Here's a portion of mine:


(The * is because the repo contains many Cordova projects, not just one.)

This essentially leaves the www, config.xml, and merges directories as the code that will be in the repo.

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I see. Anyways, what's the purpose of merges folder? –  Kaido Shugo May 30 '14 at 4:39
It allows you to overwrite specific files in www with platform-specific files. For example, if you had a index.html file in merges/android, the Android project would receive the file in merges/android while all the other projects would receive the file in www. While useful, there are very few situations where it should be the first choice -- it would be better to detect the device in your code and react accordingly. But for the times when there is no option, merges can be useful. (Note: this directory may not exist, but if you need it, you can create it.) –  Kerri Shotts May 30 '14 at 22:46

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