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I want to match the word "février" or any other month by using regular expression.

Regular expression:



The problem is that I cannot match the words that contain unicode letters: à,é,è etc. I found on the following website: Unicode that the unicode value of é is \u00E9. Can i integrate this value in the regular expression? and how can I use unicode values in regular expressions.

void returnValue(string pattern)
    bool x = false;
    const boost::regex e("février");
    x = boost::regex_search(pattern.c_str(),e);
    if(x){ cout <<"found"<<endl; }
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@bits_international boost. Ah no I am using the boost library –  Hani Goc May 29 at 12:13

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You can match a unicode with boost::regex. There are two ways to do it.

  1. Rely on wchar_t if your platform's wchar_t can hold Unicode characters and your platform's C/C++ runtime correctly handles wide character constants. (this has few pitfalls, not suggested, read about this in the link I provided)

  2. Use a Unicode aware regular expression type (boost::u32regex). Boost has to be configured to enable this via Building With Unicode and ICU Support


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I found the following example on boost.org/doc/libs/1_43_0/libs/regex/doc/html/boost_regex/ref/… u know what this regular expressions means? const char* re = "([[:Sc:]][[:Cf:][:Cc:][:Z*:]]*)?" –  Hani Goc May 29 at 12:20
thease are ICU regexes, you need <boost/regex/icu.hpp>, but in order to use this header you will need the ICU library, and you will need to have built the Boost.Regex library with ICU support enabled. –  0d0a May 29 at 12:26

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