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Some of my devices not getting registration id from google cloud messaging service,while the devices are already registered.I am using the GCMRegistrar(old depricated way) for getting registration Id.

**Note:**And yes GCMRegistrar method is old but still works.Some of my devices getting ids properly wihtout any issue.

Hey techies out there thanks in advance BDW.

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Hello @user3282770, welcome to Stackoverflow! This kind of question is slighty off-topic for this site. Might I recommend you to android.stackexchange.com for this kind of question? Thank you! :) –  Josef E. May 29 at 13:24
You should include your code if you expect any help (registration code, manifest, intent service). –  Eran May 29 at 14:26
use this code step by step,i hope it will help you. –  Drone Dev May 29 at 14:56
@DevCarlsberg:Thanks a lot. –  user3282770 May 30 at 3:48
@user3282770 if that link helps you then you have to upvote man!! –  Drone Dev May 30 at 4:02

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