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I have a small application that is essentially a websocket server that runs on localhost and another web application what uses the services of this server. Since the web application uses the https protocol, I am using a self-signed certificate to ensure that these two can connect. I also wrote a small script that imports this certificate into OS X so that the users don't have to do this by themselves. I have used this command:

sudo security add-trusted-cert -d -p ssl -k /Library/Keychains/System.keychain certificate.crt

The certificate imports correctly, with all options set the way they were supposed to, but the two applications just won't connect and the websocket server application reports that there is a problem with the certificate. The really weird thing is that when I access the "Keychain Access" application and manually set the SSL option of this certificate to "Always Trust" (even though it is already set to "Always Trust") and close the window (and get a password prompt?!?!), everything is working fine, even though I haven't really changed anything. It's like the SSL certificate option (and other options) are truly saved only when I change them manually from the "Keychain Access".

Has anyone had such a problem? Can anyone just point in the right direction? I have tried many "security add-trusted-cert" command option variations without success... Thanks

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