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i'm interested in profiling my nodejs application. i've started it with --prof flag, and obtained a v8.log file. i've taken the windows-tick-processor and obtained a supposedly human readable profiling log. at the bottom of the question are a few a small excerpts from the log file, which i am completely failing to understand.

i get the ticks statistical approach. i don't understand what total vs nonlib means. also don't understand why some things are prefixed with LazyCompile, Function, Stub or other terms.

the best answer i could hope for is the complete documentation/guide to the tick-processor output format, completely explaining every term, structure etc...

barring that, i just don't understand what lazy-compile is. is it compilation? doesn't every function get compiled exactly once? then how can compilation possibly be a significant part of my application execution? the application ran for hours to produce this log, and i'm assuming the internal javascript compilation takes milli-seconds. this suggests that lazy-compile is something that doesn't happen once per function, but happens during some kind of code evaluation? does this mean that everywhere i've got a function definition (for example a nested function), the internal function gets "lazy-compiled" each time?

i couldn't find any information on this anywhere, and i've been googling for DAYS...

also i realize there are a lottt of profiler flags. additional references on those are also welcome.

   ticks  total  nonlib   name
  88414    7.9%   20.1%  LazyCompile: *getUniqueId C:\n\dev\SCNA\infra\lib\node-js\utils\general-utils.js:16
  22797    2.0%    5.2%  LazyCompile: *keys native v8natives.js:333
  14524    1.3%    3.3%  LazyCompile: Socket._flush C:\n\dev\SCNA\runtime-environment\load-generator\node_modules\zmq\lib\index.js:365
  12896    1.2%    2.9%  LazyCompile: BasicSerializeObject native json.js:244
  12346    1.1%    2.8%  LazyCompile: BasicJSONSerialize native json.js:274
   9327    0.8%    2.1%  LazyCompile: * C:\n\dev\SCNA\runtime-environment\load-generator\node_modules\zmq\lib\index.js:194
   7606    0.7%    1.7%  LazyCompile: *parse native json.js:55
   5937    0.5%    1.4%  LazyCompile: *split native string.js:554
   5138    0.5%    1.2%  LazyCompile: *Socket.send C:\n\dev\SCNA\runtime-environment\load-generator\node_modules\zmq\lib\index.js:346
   4862    0.4%    1.1%  LazyCompile: *sort native array.js:741
   4806    0.4%    1.1%  LazyCompile: _.each._.forEach C:\n\dev\SCNA\infra\node_modules\underscore\underscore.js:76
   4481    0.4%    1.0%  LazyCompile: ~_.each._.forEach C:\n\dev\SCNA\infra\node_modules\underscore\underscore.js:76
   4296    0.4%    1.0%  LazyCompile: stringify native json.js:308
   3796    0.3%    0.9%  LazyCompile: ~b native v8natives.js:1582
   3694    0.3%    0.8%  Function: ~recursivePropertiesCollector C:\n\dev\SCNA\infra\lib\node-js\utils\object-utils.js:90
   3599    0.3%    0.8%  LazyCompile: *BasicSerializeArray native json.js:181
   3578    0.3%    0.8%  LazyCompile: *Buffer.write buffer.js:315
   3157    0.3%    0.7%  Stub: CEntryStub
   2958    0.3%    0.7%  LazyCompile: promise.promiseDispatch C:\n\dev\SCNA\runtime-environment\load-generator\node_modules\q\q.js:516

88414    7.9%  LazyCompile: *getUniqueId C:\n\dev\SCNA\infra\lib\node-js\utils\general-utils.js:16
  88404  100.0%    LazyCompile: *generateId C:\n\dev\SCNA\infra\lib\node-js\utils\general-utils.js:51
  88404  100.0%      LazyCompile: *register C:\n\dev\SCNA\infra\lib\node-js\events\pattern-dispatcher.js:72
  52703   59.6%        LazyCompile: * C:\n\dev\SCNA\runtime-environment\load-generator\lib\vuser-driver\mdrv-driver.js:216
  52625   99.9%          LazyCompile: *_.each._.forEach C:\n\dev\SCNA\runtime-environment\load-generator\node_modules\underscore\underscore.js:76
  52625  100.0%            LazyCompile: ~usingEventHandlerMapping C:\n\dev\SCNA\runtime-environment\load-generator\lib\vuser-driver\mdrv-driver.js:214
  35555   40.2%        LazyCompile: *once C:\n\dev\SCNA\infra\lib\node-js\events\pattern-dispatcher.js:88
  29335   82.5%          LazyCompile: ~startAction C:\n\dev\SCNA\runtime-environment\load-generator\lib\vuser-driver\mdrv-driver.js:201
  25687   87.6%            LazyCompile: ~onActionComplete C:\n\dev\SCNA\runtime-environment\load-generator\lib\vuser-driver\mdrv-logic.js:130
   1908    6.5%            LazyCompile: ~b native v8natives.js:1582
   1667    5.7%            LazyCompile: _fulfilled C:\n\dev\SCNA\runtime-environment\load-generator\node_modules\q\q.js:795
   4645   13.1%          LazyCompile: ~terminate C:\n\dev\SCNA\runtime-environment\load-generator\lib\vuser-driver\mdrv-driver.js:160
   4645  100.0%            LazyCompile: ~terminate C:\n\dev\SCNA\runtime-environment\load-generator\lib\vuser-driver\mdrv-logic.js:171
   1047    2.9%          LazyCompile: *startAction C:\n\dev\SCNA\runtime-environment\load-generator\lib\vuser-driver\mdrv-driver.js:201
   1042   99.5%            LazyCompile: ~onActionComplete C:\n\dev\SCNA\runtime-environment\load-generator\lib\vuser-driver\mdrv-logic.js:130
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