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We started using requirejs for our project and converting all our internal modules to external modules.

I'm having problems dynamically instanciating classes. We need to be able to instanciate classes using a simple dot notation string.

When all our modules were internal, they were accessible through the window object. Here's an example :

// file - TestAction.ts
module cb.action {
    export class TestAction {
        constructor() {}

Using the following function with className = "cb.action.TestAction" we could easily get a TestAction instance.

var instantiateByName = function (className) {
    "use strict";
    var ClassName2 = className.split('.').reduce(function (current, name) {
        return current[name];
    }, window);
    return new ClassName2();

Now that we changed all our modules to external modules the TestAction.ts file now looks like this :

// file - TestAction.ts
export class TestAction {
    constructor() {}

2 main problems : - Depending on the dot notation string I'm receiving, I need to import a different file. ( dynamically require a file ) - I need an equivalent to the instantiateByName function above since I can't use the window object anymore.

Looking forward to having your inputs

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I would slightly change the module structure (if you are using one class per file...)

class TestAction {
    constructor() {}

export = TestAction;

And then instead of using a method to dynamically load modules by name, you can use RequireJS iteself to do it...

// Instead of 'instantiateByName'...
import TestAction = require('./action/TestAction');
var myAction = new TestAction();

This is compiled into the following...

define(["require", "exports", './action/TestAction'], function(require, exports, TestAction) {
    var myAction = new TestAction();

And this handles the fact that RequireJS loads the script file asynchronously.

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