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I have been stuck into a strange bug. In my application we are caching the website in order use it in offline mode as well.Everything works fine except when we tap on a link which points to pdf file.We have 'Back' and 'forward' which actually stores the URL of the page visited back and forth.

Scenario: After caching website sucessfully run website in offline mode.

Home page appears.then click on link which points to pdf file. click 'Back' button which takes user to home page again.

Again click on the pdf link and tap 'Back' button,it doesnt shows the home page. Infact after pressing the forward button(as it already has the pdf link saved),webview loads the pdf page again abd then if we press the Back button,it gets loaded sucessfully.

I placed the Breakpoint and observe that WebView Error is being thrown saying eror -1001 and sometimes -999.(failed scenario)

Just to add the home page(.asp) has one stand alone header(.htm) which gets loaded. It happens only if we return from pdf page. All other asp links work fine.

Also the app works fine in Online mode.

Any help appreciated.

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