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I'm trying to use Swagger to create API documentation for an API we're building and I've never used it before.

The documentation on Github says that the Resources Listing needs t be at /api-docs and the various resource files need to be at /api-docs/books etc.

This makes naming files and folders very tricky. I think they expect the files to have no file names, rather than having a folder called /api-docs it has to be an extension-less file, then you can't put the resources in an api-docs folder because you can't call the folder that, so they suggest using a folder called /listings.

This folder doesn't appear in the URL structure of your documentation though, it's kind of invisible because you set the baseURL in your resources to the proper path, but it looks like that has to be an absolute path, which is awkward if you want to have it on several servers (local and production).

Maybe I just don't get it but this all seems to be absolutely nuts.

So, I have 2 questions.....

1) Can I give my resource listing file and my resource files a .json extension? This would make sense as it's a JSON file.

2) Can I use a relative path to the resource listing file in the baseURL in my resource files?

Ideally, my file structure would be flatter, like this...


Is Swagger flexible enough to do this?

It's an IIS server if that makes any difference (if the solution requires routing for example).

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