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I am using bootstrap css and am using the carousel to display banners. an admin can upload new banners to be displayed using a jQuery Form plug in to allow the upload of images in a form as I have to account for ie8 and am unable to use the filesAPI.

The uploading and inserting into the db is all working correctly, however, i've run into a strange issue when attempting to reset the fields in the form. With the plug in, these are some of the options available

 var options = { 

        beforeSubmit:  showLoader, 
        success:       getAddBanners, 

        // clearForm: true       
        resetForm: true        



With resetForm set to true I recieve an error.

too much recursion

Which in ie, returns an alert box with "stack overflow". If I remove the resetForm: true then it all goes through but any attempts to reset the form outside the function seem to fail.

The form is located in a modal which is opened via a button click, I've attempted to reset the form with an onclick event on that button, this does not work. I've attempted to reset the form in the success function getAddBanners() in the options above. All the function does is close the modal and post the new content to the main page.

function getAddBanners(){

 var type = <?php echo $typeM;?>;

      $('#bannerStatus').text("To make the new banner(s) visible, please click \"Make Live\". ");



I don't know If I am missing something or over complicating it, but if I try set the forms values back to an empty string manually, this still doesn't work. ie $('#bannerName').val("");

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