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Im working on a report in AX2009 that will show what users have what permission, my question is,

how can i find through code (in x++) if user1 has got permission to post movement journals ?


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Have a look at the SecurityKeySet class.
For example, to check whether the user has access to the menu item InventJournalPost:

SecurityKeySet userRights;
MenuFunction   inventJournalPostFunction;
AccessType     functionAccess;
boolean        canPost;

userRights = new SecurityKeySet();
userRights.loadUserRights(curuserid()); // or any other user ID

inventJournalPostFunction = new MenuFunction(

functionAccess = userRights.menuItemAccess(
canPost = (functionAccess >= inventJournalPostFunction.neededAccessLevel());

info(strfmt("User %1 post inventory journals", canPost ? "can" : "can not"));
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This is EXACTLY what i wanted, thanks Alot, you are an angel.. –  Arifeen Ahmed May 29 '14 at 16:49

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