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I'm using Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 and I'm trying to set an exe icon for my program.

I've searched this site and found this: How do I set the icon for my application in visual studio 2008?

But I cant find this "Resource View". Looked everywhere in MVS08

Please help!


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You might need glasses. Try Ctrl+Shift+E. –  Bertrand Marron Mar 6 '10 at 19:46
press Ctrl+Shift+E, I see it the pic you posted. –  cpx Mar 6 '10 at 19:46

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Right-click on your project, and select Add -> Resource. Then select Icon and click New. Edit your icon, and you should be good to go.

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You can add an existing icon as well by selecting Import... instead of New. –  Tymek Mar 7 '12 at 18:09

Ben had a good start to the question along with the help of Tymek, but you need to go to the next step. Once you have added your icon to your resources, you will also need a resource file .rc in order to set the icon as the main icon of your application.

  1. If you don't know if you already have a resource file, open your Resource View for the project: go to View->Resource View or Ctrl+Shift+E (in Visual Studio 2012/2013 View->Other Windows->Resource View or you can type Ctrl+W,R to get it to open). Check to see if you have a MyProject->MyProject.rc. This is where you should Add your icon. It should then create a resource file for you.

  2. Now Ctrl+Shift+F to search the whole solution. Search for your icon filename so that you can open the actual .rc file. When you do so it may suggest that you already have it open just accept.

  3. Now find a place to add the following line to the .rc file:

    MAINICON ICON "foo.ico"

The next time you compile you can browse to the folder with the executable and see that you have the icon associated with the app and when you run it from there it will use the icon.


  1. Sometimes when running from Visual Studio you will not get the icon while debugging.
  2. You need to use an .ico file. You cannot use a PNG image file for your executable's icon, it will not work. You must use .ico. There are web utilities that convert images to .ico files. as quoted from bobobobo.
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try to add a resource file to your project, then you should be able to open the rc file and add an icon

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