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I can not use the * wildcard, but I want to append multiple files into one output file. If there is a variation of the following line that will work I can't find it.

convert -append /home/file1.png /home/file2.png /user/file3.png /test/output.png

Thanks in advance.

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This may help:

montage balloon.gif medical.gif present.gif shading.gif \ -mode Concatenate  -tile x1  montage_cat.jpg
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Just use brace expansions

convert -append /home/file[123].png /test/output.png


convert -append /home/file_{1..3}.png /test/output.png
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That would work if the files were file_1.jpg file_2.jpg but I'm not sure how it would work for /dir1/file1.jpg /dir2/letters.jpg –  user3688444 May 29 at 17:13
Brace expressions can expand letters, words, and support both groups & nesting. Try echo /dir{1..3}/{green,gr{a,e}y{1..5}}.png –  emcconville May 29 at 19:46

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