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On my project I added to my bower.json some projects that use fonts:

  • fontawesome
  • bootstrap
  • roboto-fontface

Grunt file was mainly generated by "yo angular" with some custom edits. Fonts work just fine in "grunt serve" development mode but don't work when I do my dist build with "grunt".

The problem is that fonts aren't copied to my dist folder. To fix that I manually changed my Gruntfile to copy:dist all my fonts. Like this:

    expand: true,
    cwd: "<%= yeoman.app %>/bower_components/bootstrap/dist/fonts",
    dest: "<%= yeoman.dist %>/fonts",
    src: ["*.*"]

My problem now is that all my libraries CSS expect the fonts to be on a specific folder ( roboto-fontface and bootstrap for example expect the font to be in different folders).

So I'll have to change my gruntfile to replace the fonts reference on the *.css files to target the right paths. I don't know yet how to do this but my main itch is that this seems very "hacky"

Bower works very well with my css files: they are automatically added to index.html and their href is correctly replaced when doing my dist build. For example I can upgrade my ng-grid project without problems, remove and add new projects. I believe that works because of the bower.json file on the ng-grid project that contains

  "main": ["./ng-grid.css", "./build/ng-grid.js"]

Grunt is correctly configured to understand that and add it to my index.html.

But for fonts it seems the only solution is to to modify my gruntfile to add copy:dist and then some kind of regex replacement on my *css files. But, for example, the roboto-fontface project bower.json file also seems to have a good "main" where all the fonts are listed besides the css file.

For me it seems logical that I should be able to configure my Gruntfile so that it understands that the "main" parameter has fonts and automatically copies them to my dist/ and replaces my css files with the correct path.

When I add a new font to my project I'll have to edit my Gruntfile, also when I remove/update fonts.

So, the question is simple: how can I best manage my project fonts? What are the best practices? How are the 'cool kids' doing it?

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I'm running into the same problem. Did you ever find a solution? –  Eric B. Aug 11 '14 at 1:53
no solution yet –  AlfaTeK Jun 3 at 1:24
bootstrap uses a variables to change font folder: $icon-font-path –  tarini Jun 12 at 10:29
if you use sass or less, roboto-fontface also has such variable as mentioned @tarini -> $roboto-font-path –  Marcel Burkhard Jul 24 at 9:05

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