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I would like to improve performance by making my views opaque where appropriate. I have a UIButton that is showing red in the simulator - it's only red around the text of the button, not the entire frame. In the Storyboard, I've enabled Opaque and changed the background color from clear to white, yet it still shows red in the simulator.

How do I change that to green so that it's fully opaque and not trying to work with transparency?

Note that UILabels are fully green when you change its background and opaque to YES.

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I am use following code in your case:

[button.titleLabel setOpaque:YES];
[button.titleLabel setBackgroundColor:[UIColor whiteColor]]; 
// or which-you-want-color

Obviously, you should keep weak reference to your button.

Pretty works. Button size smaller than the screenshot size.

enter image description here

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I believe the UIButton is made of a couple of views such as titleLabel. It may be possible to enumerate the UIButtons' subview and set them each to opaque.

UIButton *button = [UIButton buttonWithType:UIButtonTypeCustom];
for(UIView *subview in [button subviews]){
    subview.opaque = YES;
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Hmm that didn't do the trick. I changed it to TypeSystem because the button type is just the default - it's the cell with the custom style. –  Joey May 29 at 21:41
That was just for example. You can leave your button how it already is and iterate it's subviews. It was just a thought. –  HCHogan May 29 at 22:32
I see what you mean. I changed it to my specific button but the result is still the same. I even changed the background in addition to opaque. –  Joey Jun 11 at 4:57

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