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I would like to produce a binary zip distribution of my project that would contain an uber jar and a set of scripts. Right now, I am using two descritors, first one for the uber jar, and the second for the zip that contains the uberjar + extra scripts and documentation. The problem is that both of these get deployed to maven repo, while I don't actually need the uberjar, only the distro. Is there any way to either:

  • create the distro using one descriptor or
  • avoid the uberjar being deployed?

Edit: I found this question regarding part 2, but perhaps there is an easier way to do it...

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In my opinion, the easiest way is to create the uberjar in one module (set the skip optional parameter in the maven-deploy-plugin configuration to bypass it during deploy) and to create the zip distribution in another module (using a dependency on the previously created assembly as described in Assembling Assemblies via Assembly Dependencies). And that's very close to what you already have which is good news.

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