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I want to know more about the resent headers (resent-from, resent-to, resent-date etc) that get prepended to an email's header. When do these headers get added? Do they get added by the server or the mail client program?

I need to write a Java program using JavaMail api to forward an email (without changing or parsing through it's original content). I would like the email to be redirected to the destination email address on arriving at the server for a specific recepient. Any snippet where you have been able to forward / redirect a mime mail using the resent headers will be helpful.

Thank you

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See section 3.6.6 of RFC 2822.

You should be able to use JavaMail to add these headers to a message. If the message was read from a folder on a mail server, you'll need to make a copy of the message first before you can change it. Use the MimeMessage copy constructor. You can then send it to whatever address you want, ignoring the addresses in the message, by using the Transport.send method that takes an array of addresses. If you need to preserve the original Message-ID (which may not be appropriate since you're modifying the message), you'll need to subclass MimeMessage and override the updateHeaders method.

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If I add resent headers, and then use the Transport.send function to send the message, what will JavaMail do? Send the email to the 'Resent-To' user from the 'Resent-From' user? Or, will it send it the regular way (i.e. to the 'To' user from the 'From' user). What role do resent headers play? Are they only for information / display purposes, or are they used while delivering the messages? – Pooja Thaker May 31 '14 at 11:34
If you use the send method that takes a list of addresses, it will send only to those addresses, ignoring any headers in the message. – Bill Shannon May 31 '14 at 18:49

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