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I have a piece of software that is being used to simulate a certain device on a touchscreen, this device already runs an application that receives keyboard input from the device.

My software (reffered to as simulator) displays a virtual keyboard and runs the application.

Thus, the simulator sends keys with input simulator: http://inputsimulator.codeplex.com/

And the applciation listens to keys with the following keyboard hook: https://svn.cyberduck.io/tags/release-4-1/source/ch/cyberduck/core/GlobalKeyboardHook.cs

My problem is, what some keys from the device's hardware actually do is to sent a key combination (ex: left-alt + 1) to the application and a weird scenario is occurring:

  • The application listens to normal keyboard inputs
  • The simulator sends keys to other applications (ie: visual studio responds to the keys sent when debugging)
  • The simulator can send single keys to the application (I can type)
  • The simulator CANNOT send key combinations to the application (alt+1 is received as just 1 in the application)

This started happenning when we imported the application's dll into the same process from the simulator.

Could there be any reason why I can't simulate key combinations for a hook in the same process? Is there any easy fix for this?

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