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I am trying to create a navigation on top of my web page via canvas using angularjs and paperjs.

My angularjs directive that inits paper.js

.directive('draw', function () {
return {
    restrict: 'A',
    link: function postLink(scope, element, attrs) {

        onResize = function (event){


        function initPaper() {
            view.onResize = onResize;

if i write my nav canvas html like that:

<canvas id="canvas" draw style='width:100% height:35px' ></canvas>  

everything works fine but elements on the canvas stretches according to canvas size ( I do not want any stretching and paperjs onresize event does not work.

if i write my nav canvas html like that:

<canvas id="canvas" draw resize style='height:35px'></canvas>  

canvas width is not full...

What can I do to create a canvas that is full width, 35px tall and does not stretches element on it when resized. And listens resize events via paperjs...?

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I have found a solution as this:

html ( paperjs reacts to window resizings )

<canvas id="canvas" draw resize ></canvas>  

inside angularjs directive via onResize event we get the window width and set...

onResize = function (event){
            view.viewSize = [event.size.width, 35]

I am not sure if this is the correct way. I wonder if there is a better way...

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