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we have a vb.net application that need to load gmail contacts.
We have a directory with all the employee email addresses.
I would like to load the directory email addresses and the ones in the contact list.

here is part of my code:

 Public Function GetContactsThread()

        Dim tmpEMailAddress As String = ""

            ' This is for the GMail contacts...
            Dim authSubUrl = AuthSubUtil.getRequestUrl("http://www.example.com/Welcome.asp", "https://www.google.com/m8/feeds/", False, True)
            If bWildRiverDoor = False Then
                'Dim rs As New RequestSettings("GMClient", frmEmp.eMailAddress, frmEmp.NetPW)
                tmpEMailAddress = frmEmp.eMailAddress
                'Dim tmpWREmailAddress As String = Mid(frmEmp.eMailAddress, 1, InStr(frmEmp.eMailAddress, "@") - 1) & "@roguevalleydoor.com"
                tmpEMailAddress = Mid(frmEmp.eMailAddress, 1, InStr(frmEmp.eMailAddress, "@") - 1) & "@wildriverdoor.com"   ' "@roguevalleydoor.com"
            End If
            Dim rs As New RequestSettings("GMClient", tmpEMailAddress, frmEmp.NetPW)
            'Dim rs As New RequestSettings("GMClient", frmEmp.eMailAddress, frmEmp.NetPW)   'txtEmail.Text, txtPassword.Text)

            If _contactAutoComplete Is Nothing Then
                _contactAutoComplete = New AutoCompleteStringCollection                ' AutoPaging results in automatic paging in order to retrieve all contacts
                rs.AutoPaging = True
                Dim cr As New ContactsRequest(rs)

                Dim iTrys As Integer = 0

                    iTrys += 1
                        Dim f As Feed(Of Contact) = cr.GetContacts()
                        If f.Entries.Any = True Then
                            Dim lvRow As New ListViewItem
                            For Each ea As Contact In f.Entries
                                For Each email As EMail In ea.Emails
                                    If (InStr(email.Address, "@") <> 0) AndAlso (ea.Title.Trim <> "") Then
                                        Dim addressSB As New System.Text.StringBuilder
                                        addressSB.Append(ea.Title.Trim & " ")
                                        addressSB.Append("<" & email.Address & ">")
                                    End If
                        End If

                    Catch ex As Exception
                        If iTrys >= 2 Then
                            'MsgBox("Failed to get Contacts. Please try again!", MsgBoxStyle.Critical, sWintitle)
                            Exit Do
                        End If
                    End Try
            End If
            Return _contactAutoComplete

    End Function
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