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I need a special UITableView, which shows customized data. I do not show the TableView as the root view. My structure is like:

rootview<--------------from xib file
---UIButton * 2
---UILabel *10
---Customized TableView;
------customized cell with one UIButton  <------from xib file
------customized cell with one UIImageView  <------from xib file

my root view has a view controller named as MyUIViewController associated with a xib file, In this view controller, I do some work in viewDidLoad,etc. then I get one image and then pass it to the customized tableView, tableview will show it. and user can click the UIButton in the customized TableView, the click will change how many rows shown in the table view. I am wondering how to implement this? TableView need a view controller to control how may rows shown. But I need put the table view into a super view, then what's the relation between tableview controller with super view and super view controller? I try to make table view and root view use same view controller, it crashed in system code, not easy to debug. before digging more, I want to ask here: What's the best way to do this?

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put your some code here... –  Bhavesh Nai May 30 at 5:21

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