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I have my MainActivity, that calls my settings Activity:

Intent i = new Intent(this, SettingsActivity.class);
startActivityForResult(i, RESULT_SETTINGS);

"device_name" is an EditTextPreference with no default value or value.

    android:title="Device Name"
    android:maxLines="1" />

My SettingsActivity extends PreferenceActivity.

onPostCreate I call bindPreferenceSummaryToValue(findPreference("device_name"));

private static void bindPreferenceSummaryToValue(Preference preference) {
    // Set the listener to watch for value changes.

    // Trigger the listener immediately with the preference's
    // current value.
                    .getString(preference.getKey(), ""));

The listener's primary focus is setting the preferences summary, for the editTextPreference I was to check if the value is null or empty and replace it with Build.MODEL.

private static Preference.OnPreferenceChangeListener sBindPreferenceSummaryToValueListener = new Preference.OnPreferenceChangeListener() {
    public boolean onPreferenceChange(Preference preference, Object value) {
        String stringValue = value.toString();

        if (preference instanceof ListPreference) {
            // For list preferences, look up the correct display value in
            // the preference's 'entries' list.
            ListPreference listPreference = (ListPreference) preference;
            int index = listPreference.findIndexOfValue(stringValue);

            // Set the summary to reflect the new value.
                    index >= 0
                            ? listPreference.getEntries()[index]
                            : null);
        else if (preference instanceof EditTextPreference)
            EditTextPreference editTextPreference = (EditTextPreference) preference;


            if (stringValue.trim().equals("") || stringValue.equals(null))
                Log.i("valuesUpdate", "Yes");

                editTextPreference.setText(Build.MODEL + "_1");

                Log.i("valuesUpdate", editTextPreference.getTitle() + " = " + editTextPreference.getText());

                editTextPreference.setSummary(Build.MODEL + "_2");
                Log.i("valuesUpdate", "No?");
        else {
            // For all other preferences, set the summary to the value's
            // simple string representation.


        return true;

When I go to get the setting from my MainActivity, i use the following code:

SharedPreferences sharedPreferences = PreferenceManager.getDefaultSharedPreferences(MainActivity.getAppContext());
String android_id = sharedPreferences.getString("device_name", "UNKNOWN_DEVICE");

  1. When I first start the application, android_id returns "UNKNOWN_DEVICE" as expected.

  2. After I open/close the SettingsActivity, android_id returns "XT1060_1" as expected.

  3. If I click to edit the setting "device_name", it populates "XT1060_1" in the text field as expected as well.

THE ISSUE: When I edit the setting "device_name" to be an empty string, and click "OK" on my device, the summary for "Device Name" shows "XT1060_2" as expected and the log shows:

valuesUpdate﹕ Yes
valuesUpdate﹕ Device Name = XT1060_1

(so getText() is working just fine in SettingsActivity directly after setText())

But when I reopen the setting for "device_name", the text field is still empty.

As well, once I close the SettingsActivity and try to obtain the setting from the MainActivity, android_id returns an empty string as well.

Once I reopen the SettingsActivity again, it does work (just like point 2 above).

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