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Using jQuery, when a user clicks on a "plus" sign I slideDown the content and replace the "plus" sign with a "minus" sign and slideUp the content.

But in a very cumbersome manner!

Here is my HTML

<div class="a">
<a href="#" id="toggle" class="show_hide">
    <img src="../plus.png" />

<div class="block-a" style="display: none">
Some that belongs to the belongs to block A

<br /><br />    

<div class="b">
<a href="#" id="toggle" class="show_hide">
    <img src="../plus.png" />

<div class="block-b" style="display: none">
Some that belongs to the belongs to block B

And here is my jQuery


   $('.a .show_hide').toggle(function(){
       $(".a #toggle").find('img').attr('src', '../minus.png' );
       $(".a .block-a").slideDown();

       $(".a #toggle").find('img').attr('src', '../plus.png' );
       $(".a .block-a").slideUp();

    $('.b .show_hide').toggle(function(){
       $(".b #toggle").find('img').attr('src', '../minus.png' );
       $(".b .block-b").slideDown();

       $(".b #toggle").find('img').attr('src', '../plus.png' );
       $(".b .block-b").slideUp();


How I can stop repeating myself? There must be a cleaner way to slideUp and slideDown Content. Here is a fiddle

Thanking in advance!

Cheers, Will

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There are many solutions.

One is in this fiddle

My solution is to add a reference in the toggle to what it has to show/hide

<a href="#" class="show_hide" data-content='block-a'>

And then use that value in the javascript

$('.' + $(this).attr('data-content')).slideDown();

Off-topic: you shouldn't use the same ID for 2 elements, it has to be unique. I've got rid of the id in my example

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Check this Fiddle Demo,

       $(this).find('img').attr('src', 'http://besttravelagent.com/wp-content/themes/best-travel-agent/images/minus.png' );

       $(this).find('img').attr('src', 'http://besttravelagent.com/wp-content/themes/best-travel-agent/images/plus.png' );

A common/generalized function for both links.

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