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These are the statistics for my Ehcache.

I have it configured to use only memory (no persistence, no overflow to disk).

cacheHits = 50
onDiskHits = 0
offHeapHits = 0
inMemoryHits = 50
misses = 1194
onDiskMisses = 0
offHeapMisses = 0
inMemoryMisses = 1138
size = 69
averageGetTime = 0.061597
evictionCount = 0 

As you can see, misses is higher than onDiskMisses + offHeapMisses + inMemoryMisses. I do have statistics strategy set to best effort:


But the hits add up, and the difference between misses is rather large. Is there a reason why the misses do not add up correctly?

This quesiton is similar to Ehcache misses count and hitrate statistics, but the answer attributes the differences to the multiple tiers. There is only one tier here.

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I'm almost certain that you're seeing this because inMemoryMisses does not include misses due to expired elements. On a get if the value is stored, but expired then you will not see an inMemoryMiss recorded, but you will see a cache miss.

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