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I am creating an application for Android, but I've noticed that when someone sent me a message through facebook chat, chat bubbles (Chat Heads) are not visible. I have to leave my application to answer. And I do not want users to leave my application.

Why in my application, and only in certain activitys chat bubbles are not visible? What I can do to make them look at any activity?

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How are those activities different from the others? any specific configuration changes etc? –  SMR May 30 '14 at 7:44
@SMR No, for me is the same configuration. But for example, I implemented facebook login button, and when I'm in the logging Activity (provided by facebook) the Chat Heads are visible. –  Oscar Méndez May 30 '14 at 7:47
you aren't using fullscreen activities right? –  SnyersK Jan 30 at 16:13

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Facebook Chat Heads does not overlay FULLSCREEN activities (like games) in order to not bother users while they are doing supposed-to-be immersive actions (like playing).

Try to change your activity and be sure that it's not fullscreen or immersive.

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