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We have critical project partly deployed in azure that uses queues, blobs and table storage. Now we using SDK 2.0 and thinking about moving to latest SDK 2.3 but it will cost us some resources especially for load testing with a new Azure SDK.

Is there a strong point to update SDK version like critical bug fix, performance issue or maybe useful new feature? Sure, I read release notes but haven't found enough information about it.

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In general we recommend that you always take the latest storage client from Nuget directly. If you look at Nuget you will see we are actually on 4.0.1 version of the .NET client vs the 2.0 version of the storage client that I believe is what shipped with SDK 2.0. As you can imagine there are a very large list of improvements between client 2.0 and 4.0. A couple of quick examples include: CORS Support, large improvements to Tables including JSON support and a highly optimized table service layer.

Here are some blogs with some more information:

There are also a lot of performance related improvements that have been made as well:

Hope this helps.


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