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I am using GAE Java for a multi-user application. There are multiple users with different roles. Each user can login, do some operations and logout. The business restricts me from using Google User Service and I need to implement my own for authentication and session management.

Can anyone please share with me how should I go about implementing my own user management? I have read its very tricky to implement own user management. Any pointers in terms of best approaches/ design / existing frameworks if any ?

I could see some similar posts but they are for python.

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So far I have implemented this using usual java session management with Session object and maintaining an attribute in the session. I have tested this works on GAE, both in the development environment and on the cloud as well. GAE persists the session ids in the datastore and things work fine. I used Servlet Filter for ensuring authenticated access to all required urls. – Gopi Mar 22 '10 at 6:11
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Well, for the production quality authentication and security I finally decided using "Spring-Security". Seems to be the best solution if you are using spring in your application and you can do customizations at finest levels.

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