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I just moved a bunch of code into a separate framework. Nothing has changed in the code since the move and it compiles fine. However, on runtime, It crashes with "misaligned_stack_error". I've been looking around and some people are saying -mstackrealign fixes it, however I have added it to the C flags for both projects in Xcode and it still crashes, exactly the same way.

(Please note the format of the projects: a framework, loaded into a plugin, which installs into some 3rd party software).

I'd greatly appreciate some help to resolve this issue.

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Without seeing either the code or the backtrace at the point of the crash, it is impossible to precisely say what is wrong.

Shooting a rubberband into the dark, I'd guess that something is either incorrectly dynamically generating a bit of code or there is a bit of buggy assembly in the mix somewhere. In either case, something isn't following the ABI of the architecture correctly, leading to the crash.

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The reason I'm having so much trouble understanding this is if I take the exact same code and compile it into the same project instead of a separate framework, it works fine. No errors at all. –  MJ. Mar 8 '10 at 4:12
Then look very carefully at the compiler flags on one vs. the other. As well, consider that stack alignment problems may not cause explosions in non-dyld-trampoline contexts or if you never happen to touch libSystem. –  bbum Mar 8 '10 at 5:10

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