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I'm trying to make a script R work with PHP to put the result directly on a web page. The script works but not when PHP execute it. So I'm asking you guys if you have some ideas on what I should do to make it works. I'm working with Fedora 19.

Thank in advance for you time. Mel

The script R is like that :

# Script qui contient l'accès à la base de données ath_exp pour différentes gènes et différentes options (tissue...) mais aussi different choix de datasets :
# Création du heatmap et de la matrice de corrélation pour un gène contre tout les autres gènes :
#R CMD BATCH --no-save --no-restore '--args gene_list=c("At3g21770","At5g12250") dataset=\"Seed_Serie\" tissue=c("seed","embryo")' test_rcmd.r test_rcmd.out &


# pour récuperer les arguments : options[1], options[2] etc
  print("No arguments supplied.")
  ##supply default values
  dataset = c(1,2)
  tissue = c(1,1,1)
  for(i in 1:length(args)){

con <- dbConnect(MySQL(), user="root", password="n337042m", dbname="mydb", host="localhost")

for (gene in gene_list) {
  query= dbSendQuery(con, paste ("SELECT distinctrow P.SAMPLE_SUFFIX, P.MEAN_REP as ",gene," FROM ",dataset," D, Processed_Data_Table P, Summary_Tables S WHERE S.NAME_TABLE = '",dataset,"' AND S.ID_TABLE = P.ID_TABLE AND D.IDGENE_AT LIKE '%",gene,"%' AND P.ID_MEAN_REP = D.ID_MEAN_REP ORDER BY P.SAMPLE_SUFFIX",sep=""))
  dbGetStatement(query) # pour afficher la requête
  exp_data <- fetch(query, n = -1) # -1 pour avoir toutes les lignes sinon limité à 500
  #write.table(exp_data, file=gene, sep= "\t")

  if (i==0) {
    list_data = assign(paste("exp_data_", gene, sep=""),exp_data)
  else {
    # génération de variables pour chaque sortie de requête
    gene_data = assign(paste("exp_data_", gene, sep=""),exp_data)
    list_data = merge(list_data, gene_data)

list_data=data.frame(list_data, row.names=1)

# Calcul de la matrice de distance de corrélation :
corrdist =function(x) as.dist(1-cor(t(x)))

#~ setwd("~/Documents/Stage_M2/R/Heatmap/Annotations")
annot ="./Annotations/Seed_Serie_annotation.txt", header=TRUE, sep="\t",row.names=1, comment.char="")))
ann_color=list(category=c(1:20), age=c(1:10), tissue=c(1:10), control=c(1:2), mutant=c(1:20), timecourse=c(1:20));

png("./test_heatmap.png", width=500, height=500)
aheatmap(t(data.matrix(list_data)), annCol=annot, distfun =corrdist , hclustfun='ward', verbose = TRUE, Colv=NA, annColors=ann_color);

and the line PHP who call the script R is like that :

     exec("R CMD BATCH --no-save --no-restore '--args gene_list=c(\"At3g21770\",\"At5g12250\") dataset=\"Seed_Serie\" tissue=c(\"seed\",\"embryo\")' test_rcmd.r test_rcmd.out");

     echo("<img src='test_heatmap.png' >");
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This really is meant to be a call to a linux executable in the PATH variable? exec("R CMD BATCH ... – arkascha May 30 '14 at 9:43
In order to communicate with R using php it is better to use RApache instead of fiddling around with command line arguments using R CMD BATCH. See E.g.… – jwijffels May 30 '14 at 9:51
It works in the terminal...Ok thank you @jwijffels i'm gonna watch this – user3684802 May 30 '14 at 9:55
also make sure you use full paths to R and to your datafile and your image – jwijffels May 30 '14 at 10:11
All files are in the same directory, and I don't think i have time to use rApache – user3684802 May 30 '14 at 10:20

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