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On my website: http://mapa.polskieszlaki.pl/ I'm using FusionTables for displaying markers (over 5000 of them). I've got also GroundLayer with regions (pink ones). But I wanted to change them to polygon (less loading) and have one problem. FusionTable layer is below polygon and I want it to be above (markers are most important). Is there a way to do it?

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Put the polygon in a FusionTableLayer, load that first, then load the FusionTablesLayer with the markers.

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It works, but sadly You can use styles for first FusionLayer only and You have to use default red color. Hope Google will expand it. –  piernik Jun 5 at 10:55
You can use the FusionTables UI to style the markers. It is only javascript ("dynamic") styling that is only allowed on a single layer. –  geocodezip Jun 5 at 12:29

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